• Personalised Pace Setters
  • Personalised Calendars
  • Monitored Progress Recording Sheets
  • Monitored interactive Learner Management Systems (LMS)
  • A complete Online-Offering / Virtual Learning
  • Old Oak Online Library
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Online Submissions
  • Online Sessions
  • Personalised Study Timetables
  • Career Counselling and Subject Guidance
  • University Application Assistance
  • Individualised Assignment Schedules


Old Oak is a family-run institution that focuses on bringing families closer together.


With Distance Education, the parent is in control and has an active role to play in their teenager's development.


The Old Oak family is comprised of highly qualified, industry-experienced lecturers who have a passion for working with youth.


Old Oak is here to support the parent throughout the process. We guide you in making the right choice for your teenager, and allow you to have all the information before you make an informed decision. Our unique and tailored Online Support is designed around the customer's specific situation.


Old Oak offers a Boutique Campus for students who are wanting more Academic interaction and hands-on facilitation.


The Student is trained to enter into industry, focusing on professional development and critical thinking.

Perspective families can book a consultation with the Old Oak counsellor, in-person or via Zoom.

Distance Education has very little disruption in terms of completion of the curriculum.


Old Oak ensures the following:

  • Continuous Online Support is provided to Students year round

  • The Student has access to Old Oak's online library of information, resources, and materials

  • The Curriculum Provider's Learner Management System is closely monitored and weekly updates are sent to account holders and parents

  • Old Oak documentation is individually designed for the student to ensure they are maintaining their progress

  • Completely adaptable staff who can work calmly and with ease under large amounts of pressure

  • Tutoring is tailored to the Student's needs, abilities, and circumstances

  • There is an additional offering where Students attend the Boutique Campus, designed around the Student

  • Little disruption from societal conflicts, such as strikes and unrest

  • Uninterrupted Learning throughout the year

  • Virtual Learning and eLearning


Our Institute transitioned from a DBE-Registered Independent School into an independent private business that facilitates learning.


As we believe in privatisation, it made sense to advise parents away from public education, and rather opt for institutions that offer private services, highly recognised qualifications, and train the student to become fierce adults, competent in dealing with life's challenges.


Old Oak is comprised of a family of academics, whose life's goal is to instil Family Values and Christian Ethics into Students, where they take an active role in their own lives, rather than be passive observers. 


Our goal is to bring the family closer together. As the parent is the ultimate decision maker in the eyes of the law, they take an active role in the upbringing of their teenager, with a firm support system that will help. We aim to put the power back in the hands of the parent.



Old Oak advises clients on which direction to choose, as we are Educational Consultants.


Our clients make use of a Distance Education Curriculum Provider, where we advise the family through every decision.




To develop sound-minded adults, who have the capacity to reason and think; while developing a character of kindness, honesty,

loyalty, honour, and courage.

Integrating an independent Distance Education Curriculum with 21st century workforce skills, developing professionalism, a passion for truth,

pupillage, and the ability to think critically.









A Teachable Spirit




We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them