Old Oak Academy PTY LTD is a private, independent business that focuses on the various aspects of education. Our main focus is on the student learning and excelling, focusing on professional development and aptitude.


The Institute is not a school and has no registration, and in no manner resembles a school.


This Education Management Institute has been designed and based around the emerging international markets surrounding education and the global push towards redesigning the spheres of learning, integrating technology and virtual learning.


The Curriculum Provider is the 'school' and has qualified teachers, and is registered with an Examinations Board. The accreditation is between external parties who are approved and accredited.


Old Oak's role is to guide, supervise, support, and monitor the Student in their learning process.

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.


- Alvin Toffler

  • Industry-experienced lecturers
    • Senior Business Analyst - Corporate
    • Scientist - Masters Degree 
    • Counsellor - Honours (Cum Laude)
  • Highly qualified and experienced in their own respective industries
  • Aid in transitioning student into University and workforce
  • Complete adherence to the law on Distance Education
  • Only FET Students (Grade 10, 11, 12)
  • Training on how to use the systems that are used by corporate industry
  • Carefully selected Students and families
  • Akin to corporate office





  • Education Management - we manage your process, identifying problem areas and suggesting ways to rectify them.
  • Student is informed on the entirety of the syllabus, curriculum, and courses.
  • Student has access to the online library of information - easily accessible.
  • Student is trained on the various systems - these skills are necessary for University and workforce.
  • Student is provided with a personalised Pace Setter, which clearly lays out all that they need to know and need to cover in the stipulated timeframe.
  • Student works at their own pace - flexibility.
  • Student Success Facilitators make suggestions, and the student and parent together decide if they want to make use of that service (online sessions, tutoring, hands on facilitation, attending lectures, doing extra work either for curriculum or beyond).
  • The parent will be guided through each and every decision by the Senior Administrator, who will help you navigate this industry and will help you fix any problems that may arise.
  • The process is calm, and we are here to help you. We are your Personal Assistants.
  • View 'Services' for a more indepth explanation of our offering.




  • Students become:
    • insightful
    • responsible
    • mature
    • understanding
  • There is a significant increase in results for students that buy into the process
  • Condusive for people with mental health problems:
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • OCD
    • Trauma
    • Bipolar
  • On-site Counsellor for screening and referrals
  • Significant growth seen within the first six months
  • Revamp of incorrect Academic habits
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Distance Education / Home Schooling




  • Based in Durbanville, in a quiet upmarket area
  • Near Everts Opstal Restaurant
  • Large Study Hall
  • Open-Plan / Fluid
  • Lecture Rooms / Office Space
  • Kitchen with Coffee Bar & Facilitaties
  • Peaceful Garden and Swimming Pool Area
  • Uncapped Wi-Fi
  • Examinations Venue
  • Lounge / Sitting Room
  • Flexible Scheduling (family lives on the property)
  • Glorious view
  • Ample Lighting
  • Small numbers with large space
  • Dark Academia / Hygge Aesthetic




    • administration, facilitation, and support of curriculum

    • understanding the in's and out's of the curriculum (it's in the detail and little things)

    • lectures / tutoring / facilitation /workshops

    • individual or group sessions

    • knowledge application

    • patient - ensuring competence and fixing foundational gaps

    • heavy focus on critical thinking

    • Virtual Learning / Online Support

    • unlimited consultations, emails, direct messeges

    • access to all online platforms



    • test and exam writing skills

    • past paper training

    • study methods training

    • being able to identify gaps in own learning

    • anxiety and stress management

    • how to answer questions effectively



    • on-site counsellor and life coach

    • workshops and life orientation sessions

    • individual sessions to identify where Student needs intervention

    • bridging the conversation gap between parent and Student

    • Continuous Holistic Development Activities



    • training on how to effectively manage own education and administration

    • overhall of academic softskills (referencing, plagiarism, assignment ettiquette)

    • essay writing, introductions, conclusions, format, layout, synthesis

    • effective study notes - suited to individual abilities

    • mindmaps, academic aids, resources, materials, research, online skills 



    • professionalism

    • email and telephonic etiquette

    • business plans, entrepreneurship, diary management, assertiveness training, adjusting to long hours and busy schedules

    • main focus - getting Student to become independent and focused, capable, competent, and able to work well under pressure

    • using language effectively

    • encouraging entrepreneurship

    • improving hirability

    • networking, interviews, CV development, appropriate attire



    • meticulously designed, using corporate and retail experience

    • ensuring that Student is prepared for workforce under a boss and managers



  • Various packages available:
    • Online-Support Package
    • Comprehensive Package
    • Examinations Package
    • Test and Examinations Package
    • Oral and Assignment Assessing and Marking (Grade 10 - 11)
    • Other packages can be arranged based upon need


  • The Academy charges a yearly amount for packages
    • Once-off, bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly instalments can be arranged
    • Payment plans available
    • A quote is sent after the initial consultation
    • Please view: